b.1974 Adelaide, Australia

"I have always been drawn to the beauty of the commonplace, visuals without artistic exertion or ambition, the backdrops of life: drips and stains on battered city walls, decaying tiles of public toilets. In Japan, this aesthetic may be described as wabi sabi. Wabi sabi is also concerned with ‘mu’, the nothing. John Cage taught us that “every something is the echo of nothing”. There is much to discover in the ‘mu’ of ordinary things. A hero of mine, Antoni Tàpies was also engrossed the void, he described it as "that play of emptiness and fullness which composes everything and which reveals the meaning of nature". I paint ordinary things because I find wonder in them and they help reassure me that it’s ok to know nothing".

He studies and works in Melbourne. 
He can often be found sipping an espresso or Negroni in his bar, Bar Americano.